Frequently Asked Questions

How do 5-star ratings benefit me?

It’s simple: the more positive ratings you have, the more people trust you. If you’re just starting out or recovering from one bad review, 5-star ratings increase your online clout and, ultimately, followers and sales.

How soon will I start seeing new Facebook ratings?
Our customers begin seeing results shortly after purchasing their subscription, with all 10 5-star ratings added within 30 days. Ratings are spaced out over the month to mimic organic reviews.
Why should I use a subscription service instead of purchasing a one-time, bulk set of 5-star ratings?
By consistently obtaining 10 new 5-star reviews every month, your Facebook reputation grows naturally. A one-time bulk order also has a one-time impact, and the initial boost you see will fall off eventually. But consistently adding 5-star ratings maintains your visibility, and every month that visibility builds up.
Are the ratings legitimate?

Yes! We give real people real incentives to leave 5-star ratings on your Facebook page.

Will this service get me in trouble with Facebook?

We always comply with Facebook’s Terms of Service.

Can I contact you if I have any issues with the service?

Of course! We’re always available to handle any problems or answer any questions you may have.

Where is your company located?
We’re based in the United States, but we deliver 5-star ratings to people all over the world.
Can I place more than one order?
Absolutely. For every order you place, you’ll receive unique 5-star ratings on your Facebook page.